2010 Top Organizations and Industries for Campaign Contributions


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Researching the role of money in state politics is the full-time job of the National Institute on Money in State Politics. You can view their overview of West Virginia for 2010 here. Browsing through their data can be quite enlightening when your curious about candidates, campaign finances, and what organizations hold the most political capital in the state. It helps explain why certain bills might get support from certain candidates, why certain lobbyists have so much access to elected officials, and the general role of money throughout the state. Listed in this article are just a few statewide highlights. All information is based on data collected and published by 10/13/2010.


Top Organizations

  1. West Virginia AFL-CIO with $69,000
  2. West Virginia Building & Construction Trades Council with $67,250
  3. West Virginia Regional Council of Carpenters & Millwrights with $56,650
  4. American Electric Power with $41,750
  5. West Virginia Bankers Association with $38,300
  6. West Virginia Federation of Teachers with $35,650
  7. West Virginia Appalachian Laborers District Council with $35,000
  8. West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association with $34,000
  9. West Virginia Chamber of Commerce with $30,900
  10. Contractors Association of West Virginia with $30,750
  11. Committee to Reelect Joe Manchin with $28,000
  12. West Virginia Hospital Association with $26,650
  13. Dominion with $25,050
  14. Communications Workers with $22,000

Notably, the top 3 of these organizations gave over 90% of their donations to Democratic candidates and absolutely nothing to any third party candidates. Also, each of these three organizations donated to at least 67 different campaigns, with the vast majority of these donations being the legal limit of $1,000.

Top Industries

  1. Candidate Self-finance with$993,139
  2. General Trade Unions with $466,885
  3. Lawyers & Lobbyists with $370,689
  4. Candidate Committees with $123,669
  5. Health Professionals with $107,550
  6. Public Sector Unions with $90,500
  7. Mining with $85,100
  8. Commercial Banks with $71,150
  9. Oil & Gas with $65,836
  10. Electric Utilities with $55,100
  11. Hospitals & Nursing Homes with $52,100
  12. General Contractors with $37,500
  13. Business Associations with $36,950
  14. Food & Beverage with $34,700
  15. Insurance with $28,200

The almost $1 million dollar amount in candidate self-financing is largely due to two candidates who competed in the 2010 primary for the same State Senate seat out of Senate District 006, which includes McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Wayne, and Wyoming counties. Truman H. Chafin self-financed $315,000 and won the Democratic primary over Greg “Hootie” Smith who self-financed $197,000. Notably, Chafin is the State Senate Majority Leader.


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