Tomblin and Maloney Lead Their Parties In Fundraising for Gubernatorial Campaign

Click image to view official campaign site.

Click image to view official campaign site.

With campaign finance reports due this past Friday, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and Republican hopeful Bill Maloney are the leading candidates for Governor from their party in terms of fundraising. Tomblin, current President of the WV Senate and acting Governor of WV, reportedly raised over $1 million, with approximately $922,000 still on-hand. Republican Bill Maloney, while leading his party decisively, has only raised about $139,000, but due to him loaning his campaign $250,000, still has about $330,000 on-hand.

Tomblin’s donors included coal companies and their executives, a variety of lobbyists and lawyers, and some fellow state lawmakers. Maloney’s contributors included people in the oil and gas, financial and real estate industries.

You can view Bill Maloney’s campaign finance report here.

You can view Earl Ray Tomblin’s campaign finance report here.


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