WV Water Rates To Go Up By 4.4%

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WV American Water Company asked the state WV Public Service Commission for approval on a 15.13% increase in water rates. While the Commission refused this request, they did allow for a 4.4% increase instead. According to the West Virgina Water Company, an average customer using 4,000 gallons of water per month would see their bill increase by $1.94 (from $43.76 to $45.70); their original request would have raised the average customer’s bill by $6.99.

The company claimed that they needed to increase rates to pay for salary increases, charitable donations, advertising, membership dues, community relations, trade shows and other expenses. They also asked the Commission for an automatic quarterly increase of rates to help pay for the cost of replacing aging water system infrastructure – again, the Commission refused their request. The Commission said that they received a significant number of protest letters against rate increases and that they believe West Virginians are already burdened by recent increases in other utility bills. The new rates go into effect on April 19, 2011. WV American Water Company serves approximately 171,000 customers in 19 counties throughout the state.

To contact the WV Public Service Commission, please call (800) 344-5133 or visit http://www.psc.state.wv.us/.

To contact WV American Water Company, please call (800) 685-8660, email infowv@amwater.com, or visit http://www.amwater.com/wvaw/.


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