Manchin and McKinley Raise Over $1 Million For Re-Election

US Congressman David McKinley. Click to view profile.

US Senator Joe Manchin. Click to view profile.

In their first three months in office, US Senator Joe Manchin and US Congressman David McKinley have collectively raised over $1 million for their re-election campaigns. Manchin raised exactly $529,106; $151,844 from individuals and $376,855 from PAC’s. McKinley raised a total of $539,736; $377,904 from individuals and $158,750 from PAC’s. Manchin’s re-election campaign’s cash-on-hand is $861,125 and McKinley’s is $500,557.

This is an impressive amount of fundraising for two freshman congressman’s first three months in office – almost $6,000 per day.

Financial data comes from reports filed with the Federal Election Commission and cover campaign financial information from January 1st to March 31st, 2011.

Click to view McKinley’s April 2011 quarterly report here.

Unfortunately, at this time, Manchin’s April 2011 quarterly report is not available online, but should be available soon. To check and see if it has been posted yet, visit his page on the FEC website and look for a PDF link under “Display Full Report” for his April quarterly.


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