Candidate Profile: Bill Maloney


Bill Maloney is a conservative businessman from Morgantown, WV. He began his professional career as a rig hand and ended up as the founder and executive of global drilling companies like North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply, and Shaft Drillers International. Maloney led Shaft Drillers Int’l grew from a two person operation in 1984 to a company with over 150 employees. He sold his part in the company in 2006 and is currently the principal of Cow Run Energy LLC and Drill Leader LLC.

Maloney is also a member of the West Virginia Angel Network, which provides financial support and guidance to entrepreuners throughout the state in hopes of diversifying West Virginia’s economy. He also served as former President of the Greater Morgantown Community Trust.

He was also a major part in “Plan B”, which helped rescue 33 trapped miners in Chile in 2010. Following this rescue, Maloney founded the Mine Rescue Drilling Fund in hopes of providing assistance for mine rescues across the country and in foreign nations.

Bill is an active member of the Society of Mining Engineers, the West Virginia Coal Mining Institute, the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia, and the National Groundwater Association. He is a past chairman of the West Virginia chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors.

Maloney, 52, has been married to Sharon Maloney for 29 years and have two daughters together. They live in Morgantown and attend Chestnut Ridge Church. Bill is a graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in industrial engineering.

I am seeking the office of governor because West Virginia needs new leadership – leadership that understands how to create jobs, keep jobs, and build better opportunities for our citizens. I have dedicated my career to building and leading successful businesses. I want to bring that experience to the state Capitol.

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  1. Great resource – thanks for posting information on Bill and the other candidates to keep the public informed ahead of the Oct. 4 special election.

  2. vivian wakefield

    put on tv what you are going to do what the other side has done. mother is 96 and a republican all her life and she is getting turned off on the anti democrate. and if you lose mother you’ve lost the election.l

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