SSA Judge Daugherty Under Fire for Awarding Benefits to 99.8% of Claimants

Judge David B. Daugherty

Of 2,104 cases that came across his desk between September 2009 and March 2011, Social Security Administration Judge David B. Daugherty, who worked in the Huntington, WV Appeals Office, awarded federal disability benefits to all but four individuals. Social Security Judges decide claimants’ appeals if they have been denied at least twice by the SSA. Federal prosecutors are also investigating whether or not the Judge received improper payments for his decisions, as one specific lawyer has received over $3 million in payments from the SSA due to his rulings alone. The attorney, Eric Conn of Kentucky, is believed to be under investigation also.

Attorney Eric C. Conn, click image to visit official website

The judge, along with Chief Judge Charlie Adrus, resigned shortly after the Wall Street Journal published a front page article highlighting his high rate of awarding disability benefits. The WSJ also reported that the nationwide average of winning an appeal with the SSA was 60%. According to the Herald Dispatch, Daugherty’s colleagues averaged a 71% approval rate, with some of his peers as low as 45% and as high as 85%.

In 2010, the SSA paid out $124 billion in disability benefits. That fund is on track to run out of money by 2018 according to experts.

West Virginia ranks among the highest in the percentage of people collecting disability benefits at 8.8%. Approximately 80,000 West Virginians collected about $4.5 million from the SSA in 2010.


Contact information for related parties…

To contact the SSA and share your concerns or comments, you can use their web-form linked here.

To contact the Huntington, WV office where Judge Daugherty worked, you can call (866) 592-1607.

To contact Eric C. Conn Law Firm, you can use their web-form linked here.


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