WV Supreme Court Upholds WV House Redistricting

New WV House Districts, click image to see full-size.

The West Virginia Supreme Court recently upheld the WV House of Delegates controversial redistricting plan with a 4-1 vote. Justice Brent Benjamin was the sole dissenting voice. The courts rejected 5 legal challenges; three against the House of Delegates’ plan and two against the Senate’s. They found nothing in either the House or Senate plan that was not in-line with the state constitution.

Mike Stuart, the chairman of the state Republican Party, claimed that “Although the court rejected the legitimate claims of a broken redistricting scheme, the fact remains that the public was ill-served by the special interests that drew new electoral districts that favored elected officials at the expense of hard-working citizens throughout the state. We reserve the option of moving this matter to the federal court and we will consider all options for seeking fairness in redistricting.”

GOP leadership fought for the creation of 100 single-member districts in the WV House of Delegates and even though they see the new plan as “a complete rejection of the best interests of the people of West Virginia,” it did raise the number of such districts by 11, up to 47.

Stuart also claimed that the redistricting process as a whole had a “complete lack of transparency and a lack of fairness.”

2012 will be the first election held under the new district maps.

Redistricting typically takes place every ten years, coinciding with the results from the US Census. To view 2010 Census results for West Virginia, you can visit their interactive map.

Visit the WV Legislature’s “House Select Committee on Redistricting website” for more information.


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