Our Mission

WVP, West Virginia Politics, is a statewide nonprofit organization which provides unbiased information regarding the role of politics at all levels of government across West Virginia. WVP and its affiliated Political Action Committee, WVOG PAC, West Virginia Open Government Political Action Committee, actively advocates for a more open, accessible, and transparent legislative process for all levels of government that affect West Virginians; from your local township to the United States Senate.

WVP and WVOG are dedicated to developing a statewide resource for information and advocacy related to their goals. WVP and WVOG are single-issue organizations. Both organizations will work with all interested parties to further their missions, regardless of political affiliation, history, or background.

Both organizations also strongly believe in the power of the Internet and information accessibility to better the lives of communities and be a positive force in the legislative and electoral process. Therefore, both organizations will work towards developing a centralized online resource for all relevant information regarding their respective goals.

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