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Manchin and McKinley Raise Over $1 Million For Re-Election

US Congressman David McKinley. Click to view profile.

US Senator Joe Manchin. Click to view profile.

In their first three months in office, US Senator Joe Manchin and US Congressman David McKinley have collectively raised over $1 million for their re-election campaigns. Manchin raised exactly $529,106; $151,844 from individuals and $376,855 from PAC’s. McKinley raised a total of $539,736; $377,904 from individuals and $158,750 from PAC’s. Manchin’s re-election campaign’s cash-on-hand is $861,125 and McKinley’s is $500,557. Read the rest of this entry


Tomblin and Maloney Lead Their Parties In Fundraising for Gubernatorial Campaign

Click image to view official campaign site.

Click image to view official campaign site.

With campaign finance reports due this past Friday, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and Republican hopeful Bill Maloney are the leading candidates for Governor from their party in terms of fundraising. Tomblin, current President of the WV Senate and acting Governor of WV, reportedly raised over $1 million, with approximately $922,000 still on-hand. Republican Bill Maloney, while leading his party decisively, has only raised about $139,000, but due to him loaning his campaign $250,000, still has about $330,000 on-hand. Read the rest of this entry

2010 Top Organizations and Industries for Campaign Contributions


Click image to visit their homepage.

Researching the role of money in state politics is the full-time job of the National Institute on Money in State Politics. You can view their overview of West Virginia for 2010 here. Browsing through their data can be quite enlightening when your curious about candidates, campaign finances, and what organizations hold the most political capital in the state. It helps explain why certain bills might get support from certain candidates, why certain lobbyists have so much access to elected officials, and the general role of money throughout the state. Listed in this article are just a few statewide highlights. All information is based on data collected and published by 10/13/2010. Read the rest of this entry

Cindy Frich vs. Bob Beach


Bob Beach. Click image for official site.

Cindy Frich. Click image for official site.

Bob Beach and Cindy Frich are vying for the State Senate Seat out of District 13 in West Virginia. Both candidates have extensive political experience, specifically they have both served in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Beach, being the Democrat on the ticket, was appointed in 1998 and is still in office. Frich, being the Republican, served in the HoD from 2002-2006. Frich’s professional career has varied from sales clerk to political columnist, while Beach was a retail manager for 20 years. Both have also answered Project Vote Smart’s Issue Positions Questionnaire, also known as their “Political Courage Test”. You can view Beach’s responses here and Frich’s responses here. Read the rest of this entry

Mike Oliverio vs. David McKinley


David McKinley. Click image to visit official site.

Mike Oliverio. Click image to visit official site.

Michael Oliverio and David McKinley are competing for the same office out of the 1st Congressional district of West Virginia. The most obvious differences between these two candidate is their political party, Oliverio being a Democrat and McKinley being a Republican; it’s noteworthy considering that West Virginia tends to vote predominately Democrat. Read the rest of this entry

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