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WV Republican Party Endorses Romney

The West Virginia Republican Party recently announced that is endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for President. Chairman of the WV Party, Mike Stuart, claims that Romney’s experience in the private sector and his understanding of economic challenges could help him “reverse the devastating economic turmoil that has embroiled our nation under the failed politics of President Obama.”

“…Obama is taking our nation down a path of certain destruction… Romney understands how to read and manage a budget and he will create a climate in which our economy will thrive,” said Stuart.

Stuart, who two weeks ago announced his resignation as party chairman, is currently running as an undecided delegate to the Republican National Convention in August; Stuart’s wife recently filed to run as a delegate and committed to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Read the rest of this entry


House and Senate Find Common Ground on Texting While Driving Ban

The WV House and Senate have met in the middle and compromised on the texting and driving bill. It will now be a primary offense if your caught texting and driving and a secondary offense for talking on your phone while driving.

“Give them the first year to get accustomed to the law. They’ll have to get a wired headset or get a blue tooth or some other means of using the phone instead of having one up to the ear,” said WV Senator Orphy Klempa. Read the rest of this entry

Poll: Which Republican candidate will get your vote for Governor?

Poll: Which Democratic candidate will get your vote for Governor?

Poll: What, if any, political party do you associate yourself with?

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