WV Blogs

Below is a list of various blogs that cover political news and issues across the state. The order and presence of these links are not meant to imply preference nor support of the information they present. These blogs are listed below only to encourage active participation and awareness of issues facing the state.

WV Blue: “Democratic politics, progressive policies, the good life and free living in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.”

Mon Fair Assessments: “a free website connecting various pieces of publicly available information and highlighting issues with how the Monongalia County Assessor’s Office currently violates the U.S. Constitution, WV Constitution and State Code by unfairly and inequitably assessing citizens properties when they purchase or build a home.”

WV Watchdog: “West Virginia Watchdog was created as place where the public can go for original, thorough reporting on the statehouse. This is done through weekly print articles, video reports, blogs, and podcasts. West Virginia Watchdog also links to articles from other newspapers and media outlets that shine a light on government, both local and state. West Virginia Watchdog is a project of The Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.”


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