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US Senate Confirms Gina Groh to Fill Empty Federal Judge Seat in Northern WV

The Northern District of West Virginia has a new federal judge. Gina Groh was confirmed by the US Senate by a 95-2 vote on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Groh grew up in the Eastern Panhandle and was appointed to the 23rd judicial circuit court by Governor Joe Manchin. She also spent 8 years as a prosecuting attorney. Groh graduated from the WVU College of Law. Read the rest of this entry


WV Passes Exotic Animal Laws, Requires Permits

The legislature recently passed SB477, which makes owning “exotic animals” a privilege, not a right. What exactly is an exotic animal? Well, that’s up to the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources.

Delegate Larry Kump, R-Berkeley, says that “the phrase that comes to mind is ‘lions, tigers and bears, oh my!'” However, the Department could hypothetically decide whatever they choose. “This has drawn furor of some people who own exotic and not so exotic pets. Quite frankly, their confidence in the rule-making procedure is not good.” Read the rest of this entry

Candidate Profile: Bill Maloney


Bill Maloney is a conservative businessman from Morgantown, WV. He began his professional career as a rig hand and ended up as the founder and executive of global drilling companies like North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply, and Shaft Drillers International. Maloney led Shaft Drillers Int’l grew from a two person operation in 1984 to a company with over 150 employees. He sold his part in the company in 2006 and is currently the principal of Cow Run Energy LLC and Drill Leader LLC. Read the rest of this entry

Gubernatorial Candidates Offer Economic Plans

The economic plans being put forth by gubernatorial candidates are as various as the candidates themselves. Democrats have been generally painting the state’s economic situation in a positive light that still has room to improve. On the other side, however, Republican candidates have been less optimistic about the state’s current situation.

Republican Mitch Carmichael claims that the state’s economy is in a “dismal condition”. Fellow Republican Bill Maloney says that West Virginia has “one of the worst business climates in the country.” Democratic candidate, and current acting Governor, Earl Ray Tomblin claims that the state is “stable and strong”. Read the rest of this entry

Manchin and McKinley Raise Over $1 Million For Re-Election

US Congressman David McKinley. Click to view profile.

US Senator Joe Manchin. Click to view profile.

In their first three months in office, US Senator Joe Manchin and US Congressman David McKinley have collectively raised over $1 million for their re-election campaigns. Manchin raised exactly $529,106; $151,844 from individuals and $376,855 from PAC’s. McKinley raised a total of $539,736; $377,904 from individuals and $158,750 from PAC’s. Manchin’s re-election campaign’s cash-on-hand is $861,125 and McKinley’s is $500,557. Read the rest of this entry

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