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Tomblin Considering Converting State Fleet to Natural Gas

West Virginia’s newfound abundance of natural gas has the Governor looking into switching part of the state’s vehicle fleet from gasoline and diesel to natural gas. Governor Tomblin plans to order a cost-benefit analysis on the subject soon. 13 state governors have declared their support for converting their fleets and sent a signed letter to auto makers encouraging development of natural gas vehicles.

The last time West Virginia officially entertained the idea of fleet conversion was in the 1990’s.


House and Senate Find Common Ground on Texting While Driving Ban

The WV House and Senate have met in the middle and compromised on the texting and driving bill. It will now be a primary offense if your caught texting and driving and a secondary offense for talking on your phone while driving.

“Give them the first year to get accustomed to the law. They’ll have to get a wired headset or get a blue tooth or some other means of using the phone instead of having one up to the ear,” said WV Senator Orphy Klempa. Read the rest of this entry

Candidate Profile: Bill Maloney


Bill Maloney is a conservative businessman from Morgantown, WV. He began his professional career as a rig hand and ended up as the founder and executive of global drilling companies like North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply, and Shaft Drillers International. Maloney led Shaft Drillers Int’l grew from a two person operation in 1984 to a company with over 150 employees. He sold his part in the company in 2006 and is currently the principal of Cow Run Energy LLC and Drill Leader LLC. Read the rest of this entry

Poll: Which Republican candidate will get your vote for Governor?

Poll: Which Democratic candidate will get your vote for Governor?

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