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WV Passes Exotic Animal Laws, Requires Permits

The legislature recently passed SB477, which makes owning “exotic animals” a privilege, not a right. What exactly is an exotic animal? Well, that’s up to the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources.

Delegate Larry Kump, R-Berkeley, says that “the phrase that comes to mind is ‘lions, tigers and bears, oh my!'” However, the Department could hypothetically decide whatever they choose. “This has drawn furor of some people who own exotic and not so exotic pets. Quite frankly, their confidence in the rule-making procedure is not good.” Read the rest of this entry


House and Senate Find Common Ground on Texting While Driving Ban

The WV House and Senate have met in the middle and compromised on the texting and driving bill. It will now be a primary offense if your caught texting and driving and a secondary offense for talking on your phone while driving.

“Give them the first year to get accustomed to the law. They’ll have to get a wired headset or get a blue tooth or some other means of using the phone instead of having one up to the ear,” said WV Senator Orphy Klempa. Read the rest of this entry

Federal Court Upholds School Punishment for “Online Bullying”

A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that Musselman High School and Berkeley County Schools acted within its authority when it suspended a student, Kara Kowalski, for creating a MySpace page which contained insults about another student. Even though the internet postings were made off-campus, the courts ruled that the speech was within the school’s jurisdiction because it was disruptive to the educational process at the school and that it interfered with the “rights of other students to be secure and to be let alone.” Read the rest of this entry

Take A Look at the West Virginia Bill of Rights

The West Virginia Bill of rights contains 22 separate items. Each item addresses a specific inalienable privilege of the people of West Virginia. It is common for state constitutions to mirror the privileges of the US Bill of Rights, but the West Virginia Constitution goes much further and into much greater detail on various issues. This Bill of Rights was included in the original WV Constitution, which was ratified in 1872, but has had several Amendments added to it over the years (all amendments to the WV Bill of Rights are included in the list below). Read the rest of this entry

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