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Tomblin Signs Mine Safety Bill

Governor Tomblin and House Speaker Thompson celebrated mine safety legislation recently passed and signed by Tomblin. The legislation is in response to the Upper Big Branch disaster in Raleigh County that killed 29 miners in April, 2010. Read the rest of this entry


House and Senate Find Common Ground on Texting While Driving Ban

The WV House and Senate have met in the middle and compromised on the texting and driving bill. It will now be a primary offense if your caught texting and driving and a secondary offense for talking on your phone while driving.

“Give them the first year to get accustomed to the law. They’ll have to get a wired headset or get a blue tooth or some other means of using the phone instead of having one up to the ear,” said WV Senator Orphy Klempa. Read the rest of this entry

Tomblin Calls Special Session for Marcellus Shale

Map of Marcellus Shale natural gas.

Governor Tomblin has called a special legislative session to handle various issues concerning Marcellus Shale drilling throughout the state. Tomblin’s administration has been meeting with stakeholders to work on a compromise. The “Joint Legislative Committee on Marcellus Shale” recently, in November, drafted a bill to regulate Marcellus drilling. Their draft increases drilling permit fees from $$5,000 to $10,000 and requires drilling sites to be more than 625 feet from a house – current regulations require only 200 feet. The permit increase is meant to increase funding for inspectors and field staff. The draft bill also requires that such inspectors be paid at least $35,000 per year. Read the rest of this entry

WV Tax Revenue Falls by $42M in November

WV General tax revenues fell short of their mark by $42 million in November, its worst in almost two years. Income tax refunds accounted for much of the shortcoming according to Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow. He claimed that both individuals and corporations overpaid last year due to uncertainty about 2010 federal taxes. These refunds supposedly accounted for $33 million of the shortcomings.
Read the rest of this entry

Rahall Pushes for Prescription Drug Enforcement Bill

Rep. Nick Rahall sees an “epidemic” looming over Southern West Virginia. He is currently seeking to introduce a bill known as the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act which is hopes to enhance monitoring for painkillers and a practice known as “doctor shopping”, where patients seek out multiple doctors to write them prescriptions for painkillers and then sell them for profit. Read the rest of this entry

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