Housing Authority

It is the mission of the Fairmont/Morgantown Housing Authority to provide low and moderate income families of Monongalia, Marion, Taylor and Preston counties with comfortable and affordable housing.

he Fairmont and Morgantown Housing Authorities (FMHA) are administered by the Housing Authority of the City of Fairmont.  The administrative offices of both housing authorities are located at 103 Twelfth Street in Fairmont, West Virginia.  Each housing authority has a separate Board of Commissioners and is jointly administered by one staff.  The FMHA serves the cities of Fairmont and Morgantown as well as Monongalia, Marion, Preston and Taylor Counties.

The FMHA maintains a satellite office in Morgantown located at 278-B Spruce Street.  This office provides the full range of services and is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week.  The Morgantown office also provides services that are specific to the Morgantown area such as the Community Development Block Grant Housing Programs and the Morgantown Homecoming.

Visit official Housing Authority webpage.

Parking Authority

The Morgantown Parking Authority works diligently to provide convenient, safe, clean, and accessible public parking for the Downtown area. The Authority shall continually maintain, improve, and increase parking opportunities to meet the unique challenges that are present as the result of growth and continued development in the City of Morgantown

Goals: The Parking Authority goals are reviewed each year to determine their achievement and how that achievement has impacted the vision of the Mission Statement. Goals summon the Authority personnel to greet the many challenges that influence our customers’ needs and convenient accessibility to Authority facilities.

Staff: In order to serve the Downtown area efficiently and effectively, as well as deliver on the mission statement, the Authority employs 14 professionals that service 2,202 parking spaces (9 surface lots, 4 parking garages, and 14 City streets) 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. There are six enforcement officers, four maintenance employees, three employees in office operations, and the director who strive to meet the goals of the Authority’s mission.

Visit official Parking Authority webpage.


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