Parking Authority

Mission Statement

The Morgantown Parking Authority works diligently to provide convenient, safe, clean, and accessible public parking for the Downtown area. The Authority shall continually maintain, improve, and increase parking opportunities to meet the unique challenges that are present as the result of growth and continued development in the City of Morgantown


The Parking Authority goals are reviewed each year to determine their achievement and how that achievement has impacted the vision of the Mission Statement. Goals summon the Authority personnel to greet the many challenges that influence our customers’ needs and convenient accessibility to Authority facilities.


In order to serve the Downtown area efficiently and effectively, as well as deliver on the mission statement, the Authority employs 14 professionals that service 2,202 parking spaces (9 surface lots, 4 parking garages, and 14 City streets) 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. There are six enforcement officers, four maintenance employees, three employees in office operations, and the director who strive to meet the goals of the Authority’s mission.

Current Programs and Services

  • Cash Key: This is a convenient way to use parking meters. The Cash Key is accepted at all on-street and lot meters. Carried on your key chain, it eliminates the need to carry coins. Contact the Authority to request a Cash Key.
  • Parking Permit Program: Currently, there are 900 monthly parking permits issues in the Authority’s long-term facilities. This has successfully opened the short-term spaces to visitors Downtown and provided cost savings of up to 50% over paying a daily rate. Contact the Authority to request a parking permit.
  • Courtesy Boxes are conviently placed near parking lots.
  • Pay-on-Foot Gate Access System: The attendant has been eliminated with automated Pay-On-Foot stations that take payments and validate tickets so customers may exit the facility. Payments can be made to the station using cash (different denominations), credit cards, and check cards. Pay for only time used—no more guessing. Customers will not receive expired time citations while in a garage. If a customer has a problem at entry, exit, or pay station, they will have direct access to Parking Authority staff (24 hours/day) with a phone linked intercom system.
  • Booting Program: The “Boot” is used to immobilize vehicles that have accumulated unpaid violations rather than towing them as in the past. Aesthetically, the Boot has greatly reduced the sight of cars being towed. Though inconvenient, the program has reduced costs to the motorists by 55% or more by not having their cars towed.
  • Farmer’s Market: Every Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-Noon, from the month of May until October, the Authority controls traffic and facilitates the Farmer’s Market in “Lot A”. Residents and guests are encouraged to enjoy the Market.
  • Other Customer Services: Event parking for major functions, assisting motorists with dead batteries and flat tires, merchant rebate tickets for garages, employee and student parking permits, convenient quick pass (do not need cash to park in the garages).

Parking Violations & Regulations


    —whenever you enter any public parking facility, always take the time to read the signs regulating that facility. Below are the regulations for our metered parking:

  • Expired meter = more than 10 minutes past expired time
  • Over yellow line = vehicle obstructs adjoining space
  • A vehicle can not back into any metered space. Always face the meter.
  • 2-hour limit in all short-term parking
  • Red meters = loading zones at times posted on the meter; make note of the times before parking at a red meter.
  • No parking permitted at Chestnut Street and Forest Ave. lot from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • All lots require 24 hour compliance


  • Parking Citations—in the event that you receive a citation for a parking violation, you may pay the citation by phone, mail, or visiting the downtown office (contact information is provided below)
  • Booted Vehicle—a parking “boot” on your vehicle indicates that you have accumulated unpaid fines. Your vehicle will be immobilized until you contact the Parking Authority and pay all unpaid citations. Though unfortunate, the “boot” is used rather than having your vehicle towed; thus saving you time and money.
  • Towed Vehicle—in the very rare event that your vehicle is towed, please contact the Parking Authority using the information below.

Contact the Authority
For more information, questions, and/or concerns regarding programs, services, or parking violations, feel free to contact the Morgantown Parking Authority:

Information for Students and Visitors

Residents, employees, students, and visitors commuting to the Downtown area are encouraged to use the multilevel parking facilities located at University Avenue, Pleasant Street, Spruce Street (Public Safety Building), and Wharf Street (Wharf District) because of the amount of parking spaces available; utilizing these open spaces will free metered spaces along City streets for employees and customers shopping/dining Downtown.

Residents and visitors, please note:
Though open to everyone, the garages located at University Avenue and Spruce Street are predominantly used by commuting students, which results in the decreased availability of spaces in these facilities. All of the multilevel facilities are operational 24/7 and commuters pay only for the time they have used. All parking is just $0.50 per hour; however, monthly parking permits are available for these facilities. There are 900 monthly permits issued in the Authority’s long-term facilities and have cost savings up to 50% when compared to paying a daily rate.

Students, please note:
Demand for parking is low in the University Avenue and Spruce Street facilities as a result of increase use of mass transit (i.e., Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), Mountain Line bus system). It is important to note that the University facility is usually fully occupied between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and begins to empty after 1:00 p.m. The Spruce Street facility (located by the Public Safety building), however, usually has anywhere between 60 and 80 spaces available for parking at all times. It is a short walk from these facilities to the Downtown campus and students are encouraged to take advantage of the available space. All parking is just $0.50 per hour (except University Garage which is $.75/ hour); however, the Authority sells permits by semester for students wishing to park in the University, Spruce, and Wharf facilities, prices are as follows:

  • Storage/Covered, 24/7 parking in University Garage, Spruce Street Garage, and Pleasant Street Garage —$500/semester
  • Storage/Covered, 24/7 parking at Wharf Street Garage – $375/ semester,
  • Wharf Street parking, day only -$200/semester (7:00am to Midnight)

Click image to view larger map of Morgantown parking services.

The Authority offers 2,202 parking spaces that service the Downtown area.  There are 4 multi-level parking garages, 9 surface lots, and 14 metered City streets that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking Garages

There are four multi-level, covered garages that are accessible 24/7.  Motorists are only responsible for paying for the time used occupying one of the facilities.  All of the facilities have security lighting and “Help” buttons on all Gate Access Equipment for immediate assistance.  Monthly parking permits for these facilities are available upon request.

University/chestnut Street Parking Garage

University Avenue / Chestnut Parking Facility
(accessible from University Avenue and Chestnut Street)

Pleasant Street Parking Garage

Pleasant Street Facility
(accessible from Pleasant Street only, between University Avenue and Chestnut Street)

Spruce Street Parking Garage

Spruce Street Facility
(accessible from Spruce Street only between Walnut St. and Fayette St.)

Wharf District Parking Garage

Wharf Street Facility
(accessible from Wharf Street only)

Metered Parking Lots

The parking spaces provided on City streets and at surface lots are all metered.  There are two different types of metered parking: short-term and long-term.  Short-term meters have a 2-hour limit for convenient access to customer destinations. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to which meters are short term (2-hour) and which are long-term (10-hour).  Motorists are encouraged to request a “CashKey”; carried on your key chain, the cash key eliminates the need/hassle of carrying coins (call the Authority to request a CashKey)

Short-term Spaces (2-hr limit, 50 cent/hr)
  • Surface Lots
    • Fayette Street and Chestnut Street—75 spaces
    • Pleasant Street and Spruce Street—65 spaces
    • Chestnut Street and Forest Avenue—63 spaces
    • Spruces Street (across from Library)—39 spaces
  • Street Parking
    • Brockway, Chancery Row, Chestnut, Fayette, High, and Walnut Street
Long-term Spaces (10-hr limit, 50 cent/hr):
  • Surface Lots
    • Pleasant and Chestnut Street—67 spaces
    • Fayette Street  (rear of Spruce Street Church)—24 spaces
    • Willey Street (Trinity Church)—38 spaces
    • North High Street (Wesley Church)—38 spaces
    • Ruby McQuain Park—19 spaces
    • Spruce and Forest Street—41 spaces
    • Grant Street – 13
    • McLane Street – 14
  • Street Parking
    • Foundry, North High, Prospect, Reid, and University

Contact the Parking Authority

Public Safety Building
300 Spruce Street
Morgantown, WV 26505
Phone: (304) 284-7435
Night/Weekend Help Line: (304) 376-5252


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