The Morgantown Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners(BOPARC) is dedicated to promoting community-based, indoor and outdoor recreation for people of all ages and abilities, in the greater Morgantown area.

To this end, BOPARC is committed to providing and continually upgrading parks, facilities, and programs that promote active and healthy life skills, as well as a strong sense of neighborhood and community.

In addition, BOPARC is committed to responsible stewardship of our community parklands, greenways, trails, and historic sites, because of the value these areas add to the overall quality of life for Morgantown area residents and visitors.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The mission of the Morgantown Board of Zoning Appeals is to uphold the integrity of the zoning ordinance while hearing and deciding upon applications for variances, conditional use permits, and administrative appeals with meaningful citizen input and technical support from the Morgantown Planning Department.

Library Board

The Morgantown Library Board is in charge of operating and maintaining the Morgantown Public Library System. The system includes the Aull Center-Genealogy, Cheat Area Public Library, Clay Battelle Public Library and Clinton District Public Library.

Tree Board

The Morgantown Tree Board is a group of volunteers that meet and discuss issues relating to the City’s tree inventory, hazardous trees, species selection review on public projets, and develop Arbor Day activities in the City of Morgantown. The Morgantown Tree Board is a sub-committee of the Beautification Commission. New projects that are reviewed by the Beautification Commission that include Trees will also be reviewed by the Tree Board.

Morgantown Utility Board (MUB)

The Morgantown Utility Board is a municipally owned and operated utility providing potable water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater services to the City of Morgantown and portions of Monongalia County. This service area includes the municipalities of Westover, Star City, Granville, the facilities of West Virginia University, and surrounding unincorporated areas. The system includes direct water service to 23,945 connections and direct sewer service to approximately 18,302 service connections. The Utility Board also provides bulk water sales to approximately 7,000 customer accounts and bulk sewerage treatment for surrounding districts. The MUB stormwater system serves 13,655 customers.

Utility Board facilities are valued at over $93 million. This includes a main wastewater treatment plant in Star City, a wastewater treatment plant at Cheat Lake, and a water treatment plant in Morgantown. In addition, approximately 340 miles of water distribution lines, 271 miles of sewerage collection lines, and 225 miles of storm system lines are located throughout the system.

The Morgantown Utility Board and its staff of 150 employees are dedicated to providing its customers with affordable, quality service. Toward that goal, we offer this Web site as a convenience to our present and future customers.

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