City Council

(Left to Right) Charlie Byrer, Marti Shamberger, Deputy-Mayor Don Spencer, Mayor William Byrne, Jennifer Selin, John Gaddis, and Ron Bane.

The City of Morgantown operates under a City Manager/Council form of government. The city charter was adopted in 1977.

Council members serve terms of two years, with members being voted into the council for each of 7 wards. All 7 council members are up for election every two years. Potential council members must be sponsored by 75 registered voters within the city to be placed on the election ballot.

Once on the ballot, council members are elected by votes from all wards of the city. The position of Mayor is selected in July by council members every two years. The City Council provides policy guidelines to the City Manager for management of the city.

To contact Council at City Hall call the City Clerks Office at (304) 284-7439. Council Meetings are now broadcast live on channel 15 on the first, third, and last Tuesdays of the Month, and replayed the following two days.

To figure out what city ward you are in, visit our “Ward Maps” page.

To contact the City Council, use the table below or use this link to email all members.

Ron Bane: First Ward
Serves on: Morgantown Utility Board, Transit Authority
John Gaddis: Second Ward
Serves on: Parking Authority, Sister Cities Committee
Charlie Byrer: Third Ward
Serves on: Historic Landmarks Commission
Jennifer Selin: Fourth Ward
Serves on: Urban Landscape Commission, Planning Commission
Marti Shamberger: Fifth Ward
Serves on: Metropolitan Theater Commission
Mayor William Byrne: Sixth Ward
Serves on: Sunnyside Up (Campus Neighborhoods Revitalization Corp.), MPO
Deputy-Mayor Don Spencer: Seventh Ward
Serves on: Traffic Commission, MPO

View the Morgantown City Charter

Request Services from the City of Morgantown

  1. information of all departments of governments is not given

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