Ward 1

Ward 1 Street Map.

Ron Bane

Voting Ward 1 of Morgantown, also known as 1st Ward, is currently being represented by Ron Bane and generally includes the southern part of South Park. It’s northern boundary is roughly Morgantown High School and Dorsey Avenue. It’s southern boundary is basically the Greenbag Road. It’s almost exclusively a residential area, but does include several businesses on the Wharf District, namely the Waterfront Place Hotel. It also includes Jack Roberts Park, a four-acre park that includes basketball courts, picnic tables, athletic fields, playground areas, green spaces, and handicapped accessible areas; it is located at the intersection of West Virginia Avenue and Leonard Street.

There are 2,119 registered voters in Ward 1.


Phone Number

  • (304) 598-4000
  • (304) 376-5518


  • 504 Globe Avenue, Morgantown, WV

Email Form


*A copy of this message will be sent to WV Politics and your IP address will be recorded. This is to ensure proper delivery and discourage harassment and/or spam. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please utilize another means for contact. The permanent email address for Ward 1’s representative is citycouncilward1@cityofmorgantown.org.


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