Your Gov

Contacting your representatives is the most direct way you can make your voice heard on the issues. It’s very important to participate in government as often as possible. Without voicing your opinion on the issues, you are basically saying “Do what you want, I don’t care.”

Remember these tips when you contact your representatives:

  1. Be polite. Being rude or angry will get you nothing other than being ignored.
  2. Be concise. You are typically dealing with extraordinarily busy people that don’t have the time to read or listen to a “book” every time someone contacts them.
  3. Be unique. Avoid form letters and emails. Most likely your contact will be handled by a staff member who works for your representative and it’s important to make your contact as unique and personable as possible so that it stands out from the crowd. This will increase your chances of your contact reaching your representative in its original, not statistical, form.
  4. Don’t be shy. Your representatives are exactly that, YOUR representatives.
  5. Remember, the more local your representative is (city council, House of Delegates, etc.), the more likely you will get a response from your actual representative instead of a staffer or auto-response system.

Contacting your representatives is easy! WVP provides all of their contact information and links to other websites than make it even easier! Select the branch of government your looking for below.

WV House of Delegates
WV State Senate
Statewide Officials (Governor, etc.)
US Congress


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