Register to Vote

Voting is the most important thing that a citizen can do to serve their country. While it can be frustrating to have to choose between candidates if you feel that none of them represent your wishes, it is still important to vote. Voting is the most vital way to have a voice in government. By not using that voice you are effectively saying “do whatever you want, I don’t care”. Take your time to research candidates, their positions and background. Vote for the candidates that represent you best and do not forget to consider 3rd party candidates. No vote is a wasted vote. If you can’t find a candidate that deserves your vote, then write one in, even if it’s yourself.

Registering to vote is easy, follow the simple steps listed below to complete or update your registration. Remember, if you do not want to mail your form you can visit your County Clerk in person to register to vote.

  1. Download the WV Voter Registration Form.
  2. Be sure to register using your home address. The law requires that you register where you live, not a business address. When updating your registration, you must register after you have moved.
  3. Click in the form boxes to type in your current information. Mark the appropriate selection depending on whether you are completing a new registration, an address update or a party change. When you are finished entering the information, print the form. You must complete the remaining steps.
  4. SIGN YOUR LEGAL NAME in ink in the “Voter Signature” box. We’re sorry, but the form can’t be submitted online because the law requires your original signature.
  5. Find your County Clerk’s address in the roster of County Clerks and enter it on the mailing face of the card. Add postage. Mail your complete form to the county clerk. Be sure to check the registration deadlines for the next state/county election (21 days before the next election).
  6. Follow up! If you do not receive a notice in the mail within three weeks, call your county clerk to see if there is a problem. The clerk is required to mail a notice to you at the address you gave, but if the notice is returned undeliverable at that address, the clerk cannot legally complete the registration and issue your voter card.
  1. Thank god somebody else out there is trying to get people voting. If you need any other help you can always check out, a nonpartisan site that helps you register. We need to get everyone to the polls; thats what a democracy is, after all.

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