Capito, Shelley (US House, WV-2)

  1. I am writing about the American Electric Power corporation’s claim that it will shut down about 2 dozen coal-fired units and fire hundreds of workers if the EPA rules go into effect..

    This is a deceptive claim that has nothing to do with the EPA rules. This company has had plenty of time to upgrade its facilities over the past decade and while it has make billions in profits, it has cunningly failed to improve its infrastructure. Some of these units are running at only 5% of its capacity. Why should they get away with this?

    The scare tactics of “job loss” is getting to be tiresome.

    I am a West Virginian who believes that the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act and the EPA rules should be enforced. These rules help to maintain the health and well-being of our citizens. Bad-mouthing the EPA is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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