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West Virginia will expand Medicaid under the federal health care overhaul through a plan announced Thursday by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, which would extend coverage to an estimated 91,500 uninsured low-income residents.



Tomblin Considering Converting State Fleet to Natural Gas

West Virginia’s newfound abundance of natural gas has the Governor looking into switching part of the state’s vehicle fleet from gasoline and diesel to natural gas. Governor Tomblin plans to order a cost-benefit analysis on the subject soon. 13 state governors have declared their support for converting their fleets and sent a signed letter to auto makers encouraging development of natural gas vehicles.

The last time West Virginia officially entertained the idea of fleet conversion was in the 1990’s.

WVP Has A New Home

WVP has found a new, self-hosted, home that will allow it to develop further technologically and hopefully become more useful and helpful to all visitors, fans, and representatives. This is due to the higher amount of traffic that WVP has been getting and the hope to provide better services for that growing audience.

No new content will be posted to westvirginiapolitics.wordpress.com, but it will remain online so that external links and search results work properly. Soon, however, all pages and posts will redirect you to the new home for WVP.

Going to wvpolitics.info or clicking any of the text in this post will redirect you to WVP’s new home.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to you checking out WVP’s new layout.

WV Republican Party Endorses Romney

The West Virginia Republican Party recently announced that is endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for President. Chairman of the WV Party, Mike Stuart, claims that Romney’s experience in the private sector and his understanding of economic challenges could help him “reverse the devastating economic turmoil that has embroiled our nation under the failed politics of President Obama.”

“…Obama is taking our nation down a path of certain destruction… Romney understands how to read and manage a budget and he will create a climate in which our economy will thrive,” said Stuart.

Stuart, who two weeks ago announced his resignation as party chairman, is currently running as an undecided delegate to the Republican National Convention in August; Stuart’s wife recently filed to run as a delegate and committed to former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Read the rest of this entry

Tomblin Signs Mine Safety Bill

Governor Tomblin and House Speaker Thompson celebrated mine safety legislation recently passed and signed by Tomblin. The legislation is in response to the Upper Big Branch disaster in Raleigh County that killed 29 miners in April, 2010. Read the rest of this entry

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